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when we gettin' outta here?

from beginning in soap operas to serious credibility and fashion endorsements, julianne moore seems to work without pausing for breath. i don't think anyone wants her to. she is totally adored and even if i see very few of her films, i trust she is always good.
a few years ago i had friends over and we rented the film 'safe.' directed in 1995 by the also adored todd haynes, this tender story found no home with my friends. i ended up watching it alone.
i understood that the subject matter was disturbing. however, just last night i was watching 'baby doll', and when she holds her handkerchief over her face as they pull up to a cotton gin, i knew that intolerance to scent can be both funny and also sad. leave it to tennessee to make me laugh. todd mad me the other. julianne was resplendent!

photo: julianne moore with her director todd haynes